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Combustion flare – which safety equipment to use

If your business is connected to oil and gas extraction, then you need to pay attention to many things, especially if you are dealing with combustion flares. By not using the right equipment, you may endanger your life and the life of your coworkers. There are many factors which will influence on your safety, but if you carry the proper equipment with you, you will be able to avoid any major damages. Working around combustion flare can be an extremely dangerous job, and the company that deals with this type of job must fulfill all the safety protocols.

Emergency exit, body belts, and worksheet

Emergency exit should be your number on priority. Even though is not a part of the equipment, but part of an infrastructure, every gas or oil platform should have one. It is a suitable ground for explosions where a high pressure in involved. If something bad happens, you will be able to escape through an emergency exit. On the other hand, if you are working around combust flare, you should be equipped with body belts and worksheets. They should be near you in a case of an explosion; you can easily attach to them and escape location.

Gloves and helmets

Head is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. If you don’t protect it well, your life might be endangered. That’s why helmets are so important. On many job positions, they are required by the law. If you are working around the combustion flare, then a helmet is a necessity. It will protect you from any accident and heat. The next important equipment is gloves because they keep your hands safe, especially from burns. If you damage your hands, you won’t be able to work. Many companies require from their employees to carry safety gloves to avoid any damage or harm.


If you are working on oil or gas platform, then you are familiar with the gasses every flare releases. And if you are in the proximity of a flare, then mask is your necessity. Of course, if your job allows you the usage of a mask. In this way, you will protect your lungs from harmful toxins and evaporations.

The importance of safety fences and stairs on oil platforms

Safety and security issues have become a major problem for many oil platform, especially because accidents can happen suddenly. It is a demanding and challenging work, but also very – well paid, that’s why many people pursue employment here. On the other hand, if you are running oil platform, it is your obligation to keep your employees safe and protected. Your infrastructure must be well – built to support oil extraction. Here are the main reasons why you need safety fences and stair built on your platform.

Avoiding any possible accidents

Many companies put a focus on this matter because they don’t want deal with expensive lawsuits if something unwanted happens. The main thing is to protect your workers, and we have seen how oil platform can be the unstable working environment. Especially because of explosions which occur from time to time. By installing safety fences and stairs around flare system, you will be able to avoid tragedies and save lives. Considering that oil platform is located on the sea, there is no ground below, one bad decision and everything will be blown away. Our company is one of the first on the market which started producing safety fences and stairs for oil platforms. And so far, not any incident happened where our equipment got involved.

They allow easy movement

When you have stairs installed on your platform, if some incident happens, your worker will be able to escape faster. On the other hand, stairs will allow them easy movement around the platform, and in the same time they will anticipate the problem and resolve it in a quicker way. Without stairs, your job won’t be able to function properly. Many business owners have a misconception about safety stair and thing they aren’t necessary for their work. But, in some situations, they can decide between life and death. They are easy to install you don’t have to be engaged in this process. Just call the company you think it will provide you appropriate services, decide what shape and size do you want. And they will deliver and fix everything.