About us

For 30 years our company has been a leader in fall protection and making sure that your employees feel safe while working at heights. We have earned the trust of companies and people around us by providing them the best possible service. Our mission was to secure all the people working on the field so that not one life was lost.

Construction is a large area of work, and we have established the advanced protection protocols, by manufacturing the best equipment available on the market. It is one of the main reasons why many companies put the lives of their employees in our hands. Our main goal is to preserve every human life because we know how much this job can be dangerous.

For years now, our company has been manufacturing the safety equipment and preparing safety measures, so that works can be safe while working on heights. Our production expanded a few years ago when we started making equipment which will protect construction workers from fall. Our reference list is very long because all major corporations are looking forward to working with us, knowing that we will provide them the best conditions.

Safety Comes First – Protect Your Employees And Secure Your Construction Site

Why is safety equipment important?

There are no words to describe when some tragedy happens on a construction site, and unfortunately, those events aren’t too rare. It is why we always emphasize the importance of safety equipment. It doesn’t matter what kind of job you are performing; it is your obligation as an employer to keep your workers safe and to provide them appropriate working conditions.​

If you are using safety equipment, you will keep your workers safe and avoid paying fines. Law is often strict when it comes to this, and it will always protect workers. Especially in cases when you as an employer didn’t fulfill your obligations.

If you are running a construction company which has people working on heights, you need to make sure you are fulfilling all the safety protocol. Your workers need to be protected all the time, carrying safety equipment and following the appropriate command chain. Fall protection is a must for when you're working from heights. Don't let an accident take down your company. Choose who we choose for our gear.

Our top selling products

Anchorage connectors

Company, offers one the largest selection of temporary and permanent anchorage connectors available on the market. Your crew may work safely knowing that our connectors are designed to meet even the most demanding projects. You will be able to choose between steel, concrete and roof anchors. We will also make unique anchor systems for your special projects.You choose anchorages by the material you try to connect them. We recommend you to choose all purpose, choker style because they have a versatile use. You can connect them to any material, and they came in various shapes and sized so that you can choose the most suitable one, based on your needs.

Body belts and worksheets

​We make the most comfortable body belts you will find on the market. As always you will have the largest selection with us. They are specially customized to fit every body type, and we don’t have the item you are looking for, just us the measures, and we will make it. With our steady belts, you will always be protected, and fall isn’t possible. Our worksheets are famous around construction circles, and they are used as a personal riding system. Companies use it for inspection of work, washing windows, painting and for the maintenance of the objects.

Rail Systems

If you are in need to protect your crew from dangerous falls, then you should trust our company to help you deal this kind of situations. Our guardrail systems will keep them safe and at a secure distance. The advantages of our systems are that they are set up quickly, and they have general structure. Which means they can accommodate any construction site. You don’t need any additional tools because everything is fixed in just a few hours. Guardrail systems usually have a free-standing configuration, and they can prevent any hazardous situation happening on your construction site.

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